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September 25th, 2012 by admin

I’ve posted a few times here about how tea can be combined — in moderation! — with some alcoholic drinks to produce a wonderful beverage that is more than the sum of the parts.

But leave it to the Chinese to come up with a novel way to combine the wonderful earthy tones of green tea with premium single-malt scotch whisky!

Do the Scotch Cut their tea with whiskey? Hmm…

For lots of people who enjoy Scotch, it’s very common to tone down the Scotch with some water (both still and sparkling) or to add ice to mellow the liquor just a little bit. So this is simply an extension of that same idea, but I love it as it also adds a little bit of the goodness of green tea to an already outstanding beverage.

It’s the basic custom to add ice to a pitcher or large vessel, pour in some quality Scotch, and then add green tea. The ice cools the tea and mixes the whisky to form a slightly-more watered down version of the drink that most Scotch purists would frown upon.

But until I tasted it, I didn’t actually realize the amazing combination that would result from a seemingly unlikely marriage of two ingredients. The smoky, peaty undertones of the scotch go SO WELL with the leafy, slightly bitter taste of the tea. I’ve tried it two ways; the classic recipe with the ice as described above, and a slightly stronger version of the drink with straight Scotch added to pre-chilled iced green tea.

The Koni Tea Tonic Recipe!

The pre-chilled green tea seemed to be a more interesting choice, as it didn’t water down the Scotch quite as much, but this is really a sipping beverage, one to linger over and enjoy with friends at the end of a busy day. I’ve given you a recipe below for the classic iced beverage – a great way to start, especially if you’re new to the world of Scotch!

10 oz ice, cubed
6 oz Premium Black Label Scotch
6 oz Koni Geisha Green Tea, brewed double strength, chilled

1. Add the ice to a pitcher. Slowly add the Scotch to the pitcher, and then follow with the green tea.
2. DON’T STIR! Just let it sit for a minute to chill naturally. Stirring will hasten the melting of the ice cubes and water down the drink too much.
3. Pour into small highball glasses and sip carefully.


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